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Disney vacations have a magic about them that is impossible to replicate! Whether you're dreaming of visiting Disneyland, Disney World, Aulani Resort, embarking on a Disney Cruise, exploring with Adventures by Disney, or indulging in National Geographic Adventures, Encore Adventures is your ultimate cruise and travel planner to bring those dreams to life! As a travel agency based near Boise, we are passionate about helping clients get the most out of their travel plans by taking on the stressful parts of travel.

At Encore Adventures, our role is to understand your vacation aspirations and make them a reality. We handle the research, bookings, and logistics, ensuring that you can simply enjoy the experience and create lifelong memories. Whether you're craving the enchantment of the theme parks, the relaxation of a resort, the excitement of a cruise, or the exploration of fascinating destinations, we are here to bring the magic of Disney to every aspect of your journey.
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Boise, ID Travel Agent for Disney Cruise Line

Our agent, Cherie, has a Disney Degree, and gets recertified every year. There are few people more qualified to help you with your Disney excursion than she is! Disney Cruises are an all-inclusive experience, with five unique cruise ships--the Disney Dream, Fantasy, Magic, Wonder, and Wish. The 6th ship, Disney Treasure, is set to sail in 2024, and a 7th ship is coming in 2025. Each cruise ship offers a unique experience, including:
  • Disney-themed decor: As always, Disney never skips out on the details, and cruise ship decor is no exception. It’s truly an immersive experience!
  • Live shows: Live entertainment with Disney is always top-tier, and the atmosphere of a Disney cruise heightens the magic.
  • Character meet-and-greets: A must-do for families with young kiddos or older guests with a passion for Disney. This is one attraction you can’t miss!
  • Disney movies: What better way to wind down in the evenings than to enjoy a Disney classic or new release film on a cruise ship?
  • Kids’ clubs and teenager rooms: Everyone is welcome and has a designated space on a Disney cruise with built-in opportunities for younger guests to make friends.
  • Adult-only spas and bars: These spaces for guests 18+ are an accommodation enjoyed by guests who want to relax in a more grown-up environment.

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Adventures by Disney and National Geographic Expeditions

Adventures by Disney brings you National Geographic Expeditions to offer unforgettable travel experiences that combine Disney's magic and National Geographic's expertise. Adventures by Disney provides guided group trips curated with exclusive activities for families, from exploring iconic cities to immersing in natural wonders. National Geographic Expeditions offer immersive journeys led by experts, granting access to awe-inspiring destinations and fostering a deeper understanding of the world's wonders.

Encore Adventures has access to exclusive offers and insights, ensuring you get the most out of your Adventures by Disney or National Geographic Expeditions trip. With our travel agent, Cherie’s expertise, you can embark on an extraordinary adventure with peace of mind, knowing that every detail is taken care of.

Encore Adventures offers everything from Globus travel and tours to Viking river cruises. Book with Cherie–the best cruise travel agent near Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and Sun Valley, ID. We draw upon years of travel agent and personal experience to create itineraries that match each client’s dream vacation.

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We know that travel planning can be a stressful experience, but it’s one that we’ve earned the expertise to be able to do quickly and efficiently to best serve our clients. When you work with Encore Adventures, you can sit back, relax, and rest assured that you will soon have an itinerary in your hands, and all you have to do is show up to go on the trip of a lifetime.

At Encore Adventures, we are passionate about delivering a high-quality experience while offering top-tier customer service. We do not charge booking fees, and love seeing clients satisfied with our work. Fill out our
online contact form  or give us a call at (208) 994-5375 to begin working with a travel planner in the Boise area today!

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